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Oh good Lord, it’s Wednesday again, isn’t it? And I promised I would stay on track this time.

Here’s a short little post, to let everyone know I’m not falling into the abyss again.

A snippet of something I’ve been writing:

“Do you sometimes wonder if, because of all the technology and electricity today, if someone from several centuries ago were to suddenly be transplanted in modern times, his or her head would literally explode from all the radiation and white noise its not used to?”

“No, I can honestly say I’ve never wondered about that.”

“But you are now, though, eh?”

“It certainly would make time travel a bitch. ‘Hey, Socrates, come inside my phone booth and help me get an A in history — oops.’”

“That’s one adventure that is decidedly less than excellent.”

And next Wednesday I promise I’ll write a post that doesn’t make any reference to its lateness, or my laziness, or anything for which I feel the need to apologize.



2 thoughts on “Enter Title Here

  1. Well, here I come, crawling up out of the abyss you’re not falling into…

    I don’t know. All of a sudden it was just HARD. Either I was going to keep writing on a regular basis or I was going to visit all my favorite blogs and leave comments and … well, it wasn’t going to be both.

    But real life seems to have been backed into its cage and the posts are up and here I am to catch up with the Creeter-creatures and see whazzup!

    Hope all is well for you all – now to go prowl the archives!

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