This Just In…

I have to write a short story by Halloween. My friend Kris and I are writing buddies, and we’ve set ourselves the deadline of October 31 for exchanging short stories. The only guideline (besides a minimum of five pages) is to take something mundane and turn it into literary genius. So no pressure.

Almost everything I write is about the mundane, so I have no trouble there. My “epic” tends to turn into “implausible” and “unfinished” so I generally stick to the small stuff. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. My favorite authors are J.D. Salinger and Virginia Woolf, the masters of the anti-plot. They certainly set the bar extremely high. So no pressure.



2 thoughts on “This Just In…

  1. Well, lookie here! Good to see you surface, Rachel. Lessee… an anti-plot about anti-gravity? An auntie plot for an Aunt Depravity? What about…

    Oh, never mind. It’s your story! Have fun and let us hear how it’s going!

  2. It’s good to be back. I have no excuse for staying away, I just forget or think I have nothing interesting to say. Then after it’s been a while, I feel as though I have to come up with something absolutely AMAZING to post to make up for all the lost time, so I stall and end up forgoing another couple months’ worth of posts. It’s the same thing with replying to letters, emails, and phone calls. I’m terrible at keeping in touch. But I’ll try to stay on top of things (for a while, at least).

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