Airport Writing

I’m doing it now!

Writing at the airport, that is. I’m coming back home after my lengthy (but not lengthy enough) vacation visiting my parents at their place in Arkansas.

I’ve (somewhat) written that story I mentioned in the last post. Ebo (our very own Creeter Erin) has joined the fray, and I’m excited to read whatever she’s got cooking. I have a feeling mine’s gonna be a letdown, though. Sorry, Kris and Ebo.

My mind has been off of short stories lately because I’ve been gearing up (as much “gearing up” as my seat-of-the-pants nature allows, anyway) for NaNoWriMo. That, my dears, is not a revolutionary piece of nanotechnology you haven’t heard of, it’s National Novel Writing Month, and it takes place every November. It’s this crazy online community of people who decided November is the perfect time to finally write that novel you’ve always thought about. So starting midnight of Halloween, you have 30 days to feverishly make it to 50,000 words. It’s not about quality, it’s about getting out of your editorial mind and allowing yourself to just WRITE.

I haven’t participated since 2006, but I figured I’d have no excuse not to try it this year, what with not being in school and all. Plus I had a fantastic (and by “fantastic” I mean “might actually carry me to 50,000 words if I play my cards right”) idea for a plot based off of a dream I had a few weeks ago.

Here goes nothing.

-Ray McFay

P.S. My username on NaNoWriMo is RayMcFay, so go ahead and join up, lovelies, and add me as a buddy. Then we can keep track of each other’s wordcount progress and be shamed into writing more.


One thought on “Airport Writing

  1. I’ve found you! I may be the only one with a zero word count on the nano site at the end of all this, but at least I’ll be able to cheer you on.

    As for you – write on!

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