Please, Rock the BOAT

One of my current favorite bands is not so well known. I can’t even find an official Page to put in the Music category of things I “Like” on Facebook (perhaps because they don’t have a Wikipedia entry, as far as I can tell). But! They do have a website, complete with jukebox and YouTube videos and professional-type things.

Oh, the band is BOAT, by the by. (Gosharoony, I don’t think I’ll ever get over my love for alliteration…)

So go ahead and wander over to their site and give their music a listen. I think all the songs are great, but perhaps my personal favorites on the jukebox are “Name Tossers” and “Bee Buzz.”

Because of the catchy tunes and the sloppy vocals, the songs (“Bee Buzz” in particular) are almost cathartic to sing along with. Seriously. I’m pretty sure I accidentally sang out loud on several occasions while I was working in the library in college.

It kind of bugs me that I can add their official Page on Facebook, but I can’t list it under the Music section of my profile. I mean, they’ve been reviewed by Pitchfork and have albums for sale on Amazon…what’s with Facebook and the wikiweb being so behind the times? C’mon Wikipedia, you have never failed me before. Quick, someone go make an entry for them!



6 thoughts on “Please, Rock the BOAT

  1. The wiki types would insist that YOU need to add their page.

    We’ll not bother with what the wiki haters might say.

  2. Yeah, I don’t contribute to wiki. I only bask in the research of others and then spit it out on my own blog. It’s one of those things that I am irrationally obstinate about, like refusing to learn how to French braid.

  3. Well, you can bet I’ve never heard of Boat! Actually, I like the music, but those vocals need a little work – IMO, of course. I can’t help it. I grew up in the era of melody. I’m trying to get over it. ;)

    I almost was tempted to revise a wiki page once when I found an egregious error. I didn’t, and now I don’t even remember what the error was. We’ll hope someone else corrected it!

  4. Oh, wow! That is the best thing I’ve seen all week, Linda! Thanks so much for sharing that. I will definitely be putting those Brontë Sisters Power Dolls on my Christmas list. Hahaha.

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