The Internet Doesn’t Weigh Anything!

I know that just putting up another video is cheating, but I’m lazy and I might as well post something since it’s Wednesday.

So here is one of my favorite segments from the British sitcom The IT Crowd.

Since embedding on this particular video is disabled, you’ll have to see it on YouTube. But it’s well worth the trip. So click on the hypertext above, and prepare to fall in love with a couple of nerds and their technologically impaired boss.

Now I have to go get my laundry out of the dryer.

I’ll actually write something next week. (Or will I?)



3 thoughts on “The Internet Doesn’t Weigh Anything!

  1. I will have you know that you are responsible for my current and recent addiction to The IT Crowd. I watched that scene and decided to watch the rest of the show. It’s too funny for it’s own good. I cannot stop laughing.

    And I blame you.

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