Looks Aren’t Everything (But a Snappy Layout Sure is Neat!)

I’m trying out a new blog theme. I loved the grass, don’t get me wrong, but I want to see how our posts look with a layout that is easier to read.

What say the Creeter Readers? Is this nautical theme a yay or a nay?

And remember, this is for posterity, so…do be honest.

Your Host,
Rachel Creeter

[EDIT: As soon as I pressed Publish, the Powers That Be were kind enough to inform me that this was my 80th post on this blog. Well, don’t I feel sheepish for making it all business and no play? Yes. Yes, I do feel sheepish.]


One thought on “Looks Aren’t Everything (But a Snappy Layout Sure is Neat!)

  1. I do like the theme. It meets my primary requirement, which is being able to read what’s here. I’ve about had it with teeny-tiny gray fonts on black backgrounds.

    Besides, this is the first animated theme I’ve seen! When the worm dropped down, it startled me a bit. Now, I like it. It’s fun. Besides, there’s that subliminal “fishing for comments” business. That’s pretty funny, too.

    I’m not sure how the whale and the fishhook go together. I suppose that’s artistic license. That’s not a strike against the theme, though. (Oh, gosh. I just realized the fishies swim. They go backwards, too. That’s a plus.)

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