Friday isn’t my writing day, but it’s almost Saturday, which isn’t anyone’s writing day, so I think I’m covered. 

Hello, Creeter Readers (if any of you still happen to be lurking around these corners). I’m not certain what I wanted to say here when I decided to log on for the first time in years. I DO know that I should be sleeping, as I work dreadfully early tomorrow, but all I can manage to do is ponder furniture movements as I await tardy Zs. Z’s? Zees. Zzzzs. Whatever it is, they’re late. 

I think my day is Thursday. 

-Erin Creeter


3 thoughts on “11:30pm

  1. Erin! You’re here, too! Working early? Moving furniture? That sounds like life to me – which is a good thing. No question. I hope all is well. As I told Rachel, I’ve just been lurking around, twiddling my thumbs, counting the days until the Creeters reappeared. See? You gotta have faith! ;)

  2. Yay! So glad to have you back, Erin! (It’s funny saying that, seeing as I now live with you and see you practically every day.) Let’s keep each other motivated to write, yes?

    Also, I love the obvious spam comment by Edward, there. Yes, you certainly can tell from the tons of comments in our posts that everyone is having so much enjoyment. Enjoyment all around! I, for one, am having fun. And I know you are too, Linda! =D

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