Dr. Thunderlizard’s Great Gray Moles

Three posts and four years ago (!!!) I wrote about my dear ol’ Professor’s book of poems.

Here is Dr. Thunderlizard* himself, reading one of them.

It’s been too long,


*Dr. Thunderlizard is one of Johnny Wink’s numerous nicknames.


One thought on “Dr. Thunderlizard’s Great Gray Moles

  1. What a well-done video. I’m not so sure about the poem, but I fear my weird associations may have ruined it for me. “Great, gray moles” alliterates in exactly the way a phrase from an certain childhood song alliterated. I don’t think I’ll share it, lest I ruin the poem for you or others. Suffice it to say it was grade-school level, and grade-school humor, and gross. :-)

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