Oh Hi, Neighbor!

Well, now, it’s been a little over two years since one of us Creeters has clicked on that “Publish” button. I have a draft in here that has been sitting since December 2010. It was about the (then) recent passing of artist and musician Don Van Vliet, known as Captain Beefheart. I suppose it isn’t relevant anymore. But since I never did get to put up a fitting tribute, I’ll go ahead and set this video right here:

I don’t even remember how to format these posts. Not to mention WordPress has changed a bit since a couple years ago.

I’d like to say that I’ll be posting every week again, and my other Creeters will join me so that we can have an update almost every day, but let’s not go chasing waterfalls. Amiright, TLC? You know.

This is just a check-in post, to see if this thing is still running. I miss writing. So much has gone on since I last wrote on here, I almost don’t know where to begin.

I’m engaged to be married. There’s a start. The last post by any of us was dear Sara Creeter simply glowing about her upcoming wedding (which has of course come and gone and been anniversaried already). I suppose it’s only fitting that the return of the prodigal post should announce my impending nuptials.

My fiancé is a sharp chap, and I’m very happy to have found him. To put it more accurately, I’m very happy to have had Erin Creeter introduce me to him. That’s right, it was a match made in Creeter heaven. He’s a writer too, which is lovely on so many levels. We talk about writing, he writes and I feel deep pride in him, then he laments that I don’t write much anymore. I lament, too, I just wish I would do something about it. Well, this isn’t much, but it is at least a start. You can’t call yourself a writer if you don’t, you know, write. I’ve had snippets of ideas or inspiration; fat lot of good they do if they stay on a sticky note on your bedstand.

Been trying to give it that good ol’ Writing Down the Bones push, keeping a journal to just get in the habit of writing something–anything–every day. Yeah, let’s not tell anyone I haven’t been keeping up with that. I have, however, been studying to get a license for my first-ever fulltime job (I’m an adult!). I’ve had the job for a year, now, and soon it will be time to take on more responsibility, to which I say, “Bring it on!” It’s a great job, too, and I’m very happy to have found it, as well. To put it more accurately, I’m very happy to have had my fiancé send me their job posting. It seems I thrive on recommendations.

Well, it’s back to studying for me, then off to work. If I don’t see you next Wednesday, don’t send out a search party. I’m probably just watching Doctor Who.

Signing off,

Rachel Creeter

P.S. I now contribute as a guest writer on my friends’ film blog, This Cinematic Life. (It was originally called The Cinema Nerds, but apparently someone claimed that name as theirs, so the title has changed although the domain is the same). We are currently hosting a poll of people’s Top 10 Movies released in the 1980s. You still have a chance to submit your list, until 10pm Sunday July 7th! I highly recommend both their blog as a whole and participating in the polls. It’s so fun seeing how different and how similar people’s lists are.


NaNoWriMo Update

I finally got past 5,000 words… so I only need 45,000 more in 17 days.

But no more Stargate Conventions to go to or friends visiting for the rest of the month, so I might be able to get back into the game.

(Uh, yes, I did just admit that I went to a Stargate Convention last week. And, by the way, it was AWESOME.)


Wrong day, right time.

It’s not Thursday, but here I am.

A lot has happened since we’ve last conversed:

I’ve done some a lot of writing. I’ve gained a higher appreciation for poetry than I’ve ever had before. I’d like to share some with you sometime. I sing backup in a band. I love my band. They’ve become my new family. I’ve gained a new best friend. I’ve become more open because of that. I’ve felt slightly liberated because of that. I’ve experimented with life a little more. I’ve become a better student. I got into Long Beach State. I’m now a 49er. I will be doing a little bit of traveling soon. I’m doing some job searching. I’m doing some knowledge searching. I’m doing some soul searching. I’ve surpassed a long-standing romantic hurdle. I’ve had sushi. I’ve been incredibly drunk. I’ve been incredibly sober. I’ve tried, and failed at, meditation. I’ve done more drawing. I’ve become a Coffee Bean snob. Fuck Starbucks and it’s over-processed and over-burned bean. I’ve socialized. I’ve observed. I’ve loved. I’ve hated. I’ve paid tremendous amounts of money to fix a car that’s seemingly unfixable. I’ve become proficient at quick-draws with fake guns. I’ve picked up the trombone again. I’ve been sick when I want to be. I’ve been healthy when I don’t want to be. I’ve cried in the shower. I’ve cried in public. I’ve edited an entire sixty-page thesis. I’m reading Franny and Zooey for the 5th (I think) time. I’ve had a second surgery on my arm. I have the metal plate on a necklace. I’ve had the family blowout of the century. I’ve had some bad news. I’ve had some clear moments of depression. I’ve had some time to think things over. I’ve experienced new levels of sleep deprivation. I’ve mopped a lot of floors. I’ve celebrated on a barstool. I’ve napped in my car. I’ve napped in someone else’s car. I’ve composed some emotionally confessing e-mails. I’ve lost my voice. I’ve swallowed some disgusting concoctions to gain it back. I’ve danced. I’ve fallen. I’ve continued to hate tea. I’ve eaten bananas again. I’ve become slightly obsessed with bananas. I’ve read for hours with the dead. I’ve been proud. I’ve been ashamed.

Most of all, I’ve believed, and will continue to believe, that it was all truly beautiful.

I’ve become a slightly different person.

For the better, I hope.