Mix Tape Tuesday – Good For What Ails Ya

I was supposed to spend today going through boxes and carefully deciding which things to pack for my move on Thursday. Instead I spent the day going through different boxes and frantically trying to rescue my childhood.

A pipe burst and flooded our garage, which is our storage area. So now, after several hours of drying off artwork, tapes, records and CDs, I’m not in the best of moods. We managed to salvage my dad’s art, which is absolutely fantastic, but a lot of his remaining samples of previous work are ruined, as well as several years’ worth of his artists and illustrators catalogues.

Besides my dad’s art, the most upsetting losses to me are the VHS tapes. Because they didn’t just stay in a dusty box off in the garage, forgotten in the digital age. That was where we kept them, but they were still in use. I regularly went through those boxes and pulled them out to watch again. In fact, I watched most of them within the past year, and several just these last couple weeks at Christmas time.

So today I pulled them out of their cases (which was extremely difficult, since the cases were completely soaked and stuck to the tape most stubbornly) and wiped them best I could, setting them out to dry. I’m not sure why I went through all the trouble, because I know they’ll never work again. But I couldn’t bear to just let them sit there, sad and cold.

Some of the videos I can probably find again on DVD. Some, however, were irreplaceable bits of my past. Like the one episode of Max Headroom that we taped. It’s those television recordings I’ll really miss, because I liked to watch the vintage commercials as well. And the odds are very slim that anyone is going to release Max Headroom on DVD.

“I’m sorry for your loss and everything, Rachel, but what’s this got to do with Mix Tape Tuesday?” you ask.

Well, Creeter Readers, only five days into it and already 2010 is turning out to be a crap year. I need a little something to relax, and Dr. Dog has never failed me before. I’ve already been listening to their latest album (2008’s Fate) for a couple months, now, but it’s still just as great as ever and I want to offer it to you. I highly recommend picking up any Dr. Dog album, but Fate is particularly outstanding. Every song on there is five stars, and each track is so chill it’s hard not to relax while listening.

And although it’s five days late, Happy New Year!

Mix Tape Tuesday – Good For What Ails Ya (Dr. Dog <3)

(Press “Pop-Out Player” to listen while doing whatever else it is you do on the Interwebs.)



God keep our land glorious and free… from idiots.

I was at a football game yesterday afternoon (a fine place to be on a fine afternoon) and, as per usual, just before opening kick-off we were asked to stand for the singing of the national anthem. A children’s choir had assembled on the field and, with an encouraging nod from their cotton-haired conductor, they began singing with mellifluous, slightly tremulous harmonies (and the occasional very anglicised French word). However, towards the end of the song, there was the sound of something neither melodious nor timid: there were boos drowning out the sound of the children’s voices.

I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve been to an event where our anthem is sung, because apparently it has become normal for people to boo in response to the word “God” in the song.

There are so many things I could say to that, but I will limit myself to just two :

1. Canada is a glorious and free country. You would think Canadians would be thankful if someone was contributing to the upkeep of their country, since the majority of them do absolutely nothing to appreciate or contribute to the amazing freedoms and opportunities offered to them here.

2. It’s a kids’ choir, assholes. If you want to make a statement, make one a little more intelligent than :  “I’m going to publicly humiliate a nine-year old.”

Tweet this.

I don’t care for Twitter. In fact, I have been known to say that I despise Twitter and the idea of following a celebrity’s (or a friend’s) life to the point where you know they eat tacos without lettuce every third tuesday, or that they, for some reason, don’t like short sleeves (the latter one is real, and is an actual tweet (how I hate that word, unless you’re singing Rockin’ Robin, of course)) from Larry King.

I would like you all to know, however, that I now have a twitter account. I don’t tweet, of course. I’m still highly against being that connected to someone’s everyday goings on. But I have it for awesome stuff like CNN!! I get news updates sent to me because I subscribed to their Twitter! How flippin’ awesome is that?!

If I did twitter, this is probably what the last month of me not posting here would have looked like:

Broke my arm today. Note to self: Do not stand on shallow mat-domes at work.
ER doctor says it’s the ulna, one of the two bones in the wrist.
X-rays are bitchin’.

Arm still hurts. The splint they put me in is really heavy, and now I have to shower with a garbage bag wrapped around it.

Saw the doctor today. He referred me to another doctor that specializes in the upper arm. First doctor says I might have to have surgery.

Saw the other doctor. He gave me the option of a reset of the bone and 8 weeks in two different casts, or surgery with a recovery time of approximately 4 weeks, a likely better outcome, and a gnarly scar. I obviously opted for surgery.

Had pre-op today. I wish they had told me when I got there that I was going to have to pee in a cup. I would have waited to pee instead of going 10 minutes before my name got called, then having to drink 2 bottles of water and waiting an extra 30 minutes and then having to pee 4 other times while I was there. That would have been helpful.

Girl Scout Leadership Retreat this weekend. Kelly’s wedding on Saturday. Busy busy busy. Must take along my pain meds.

Surgery today! Wish me luck!

Surgery went well. I now have a t-shaped titanium plate in my arm. My whole right arm is numb and feels like dead weight. On lots of pain medication. Laura’s here to hang out and get things for me. She’s a great friend.


Got new x-rays of my arm and the plate. I talked the nice lab techs into letting me have a copy for free. Carlos is the bomb.

My arm hurts like a bitch.

School started today. Glad for something to do (since I’ve been out of work since “the incident”), but bummed that I can’t write anything and now have to tote around my very heavy computer.

Stitches came out today. I thought it was going to hurt, but it didn’t hurt at all. No more splint, just a carpel tunnel syndrome wrist brace. Yay for finger mobility! Still not allowed to get it wet, though.

Made a list today of things to do when my arm heals: 1) become an artist 2) decorate and update my calendar and 3) carve at least three pumpkins.
It’s a work in progress, but that’s what I have so far.

I kinda gripped a pencil today! Woot!

Physical therapy today. Got to stick my arm in a whirlpool jacuzzi thing full of warm, disinfecting water. Very nice.
Took a shower today with no garbage bag! Got to clean my arm. Such relief.

Anyhow…sorry it’s been so long since my last post. School…arm…laziness…you know, the norm.

An entire picture diary of “the incident” to come, once it is complete with a healed scar.

Have a great day!
Erinternally broken. Literally.