Fancy some nature?

I don’t. Not normally, anyway.

I can certainly appreciate the beauty of it…but when given the option to spend time in nature, I say nay nay. So when my Girl Scout Troop went to Lake Tahoe a few weeks ago, I was slightly apprehensive. But I had a great time, especially spending hours and hours with the great girls in my troop and my awesome co-leaders.

And then…my whole family (mom, dad, and sister) went camping last week. They asked me if I wanted to go and I said “Nay nay. Nature’s not my thing.” “But you’re a Girl Scout!” my mom said. Pfft. As if that ever meant I had to like nature. I’m glad I didn’t go. Not just because I was alone for four glorious days (oh how I LOVE being alone), but because they went on a 10 mile hike. 10 MILES! Sheesh. I would have napped after one. When I was in Tahoe, we took the smallest trip down to a waterfall, and the second we got there, I was sooo ready to go. So 10 miles would have made me absolutely miserable. Too much nature, for sure.

Trees, however, I love. I can definitely do trees.

Here are some pictures from my Tahoe trip:





And especially for Ruh-chel:


-Erinside is better than outside…unless it’s raining, of course.